¡Aventuras! ¡Aventuras!

I’ve recently become inspired reading other teachers’ blogs. I teach in a rather small school and can sometimes feel isolated as a language teacher. I have come to rely on my connections with other educator friends and local language organizations to keep myself somewhat current in my field. However, lately, I’ve been feeling a little anticuated, like I’m falling behind in the best practices for language learning. As I begin my twentieth year of teaching high school Spanish, I would like to enbark on a new adventure: a digital journey through the world, my world, of teaching Spanish.

I’ll call it Tecspañol, although, admittingly, some of my best ideas are very low tech. But, my goal is to document and reflect on my adventures trying to incorporate best practices using technology (or not) in the teaching of Spanish.

Tomorrow is my first day of school. I have updated all of my syllabi thanks to The Creative Language Class’s syllabus challenge. I’ve included ACTFL’s Can Do Statements for each of the targeted proficiency levels. And I have jazzed up the design with a template from Pages. I will have one class of level II, three classes of level III and one split level class of levels IV-V-VI. That class will be a challenge for sure but I am up for the adventure.

My first day’s introduction will include this collage of pictures of me in my adventures travelling the Spanish speaking world. I wonder if they will be able to identify all the countries I have visited. I made it with an app called Pic Collage and I’m hoping to inspire my students to make their own collages throughout the year. We’ll see…IMG_0473-0.JPG

¡Adventuras! ¡Adeventuras! Wish me luck!